“When we make music, we toss around different ideas constantly. But we knew, that the idea of ​​creating a band together with Michael probably was a good one, since it had survived for more than five years”

– Fridolin Nordsø

“It can be deadly having to be hands on everything. Here we rely on each other’s judgment and send songs around between each other. It has forced me to work in a different way, and it has given me something new. As soon as I got a file from one of the others with some epic beat, I could suddenly allow myself to spend endless time recording my melody and think in vocal parts. To build everything on a foundation, that I have always neglected because it sounded ok anyway. It has really been a great feeling to be able to focus so hard on the vocal side”

– Michael Møller

“We all agreed on the vision in advance, so we did not meet in a compromise, which is often one of the basic rules in a band”

– Frederik Tao Nordsø